5 ways to eat or drink vital proteins collagen peptidesWellness posts have grown to be my favorite content to write about on the blog. When I saw that Vital Proteins has an array of products on sale today, I knew I had to share with you!

This blog post covers what collagen peptides are, the benefits of adding them to your routine and all the differences I saw after incorporating collagen peptides into my daily routine for six months.

It’s constantly one of my most read blog posts and I receive a constant flow of questions on Vital Proteins and collagen peptides in general so today I wanted to share more about the sale items and five ways to use collagen peptides. So, let’s go!

Now that you read my previous blog post and know all about collagen peptides and the health benefits, you want to try them for yourself 😉 Well I found a great sale you can take advantage of to save you some money!

The sale is through Gilt, which is a limited quantities, flash sale type site. I have purchased things from here before, but the descriptions are always usually vague so I dug deeper and found the details below:
I’m purchasing this combo because the lavender beauty water tastes so good. You get three regular size tubs of each flavor. The ‘flavors’ are subtle and you get lots of other nutrients from the ingredients too. You can read up on each on Vital Protein’s website.

This bundle is a great option if you want to start out with a safe basic, the Classic Collage Peptides that can go in anything from plan water, lemon water, hot coffee or baked goods. Plus you get a sampler pack of other products with that! The third option

I personally haven’t tried the marine line, but have heard great reviews. Compared to the Classic Collagen Peptides, this bundle is of course made from marine animals rather than grass fed cattle.

Most people take their collagen in their coffee so if you plan on doing that, grab this bundle. One tub is the coconut vanilla collagen creamer and the other are vanilla flavored peptides. I even add the creamer in my smoothie at times as the coconut adds a creamy texture!

Alright now you may have a hunch for which collagen you’re wanting to try, but how do you use it?! I’ve compiled five ways to use collagen peptides in your every day life below.
5 ways to eat or drink vital proteins collagen peptides5 WAYS TO USE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES

While we moved from our last apartment to our new house, I unintentionally packed up my Vital Proteins  collagen for two weeks. I have a lot of travel packets in stock, but wherever I stored them for intended ‘easy access’ through the remainder of our move, got packed up accidentally. The last couple weeks of our move were complete chaos as I’m sure you can relate to!

All that to say, I went two weeks without my daily two scoops of collagen and I saw a complete difference inside my body, in my nails, my skin and hair. While moving is stressful to begin with, stopping my collagen peptides cold turkey for two weeks really showed me even more than I knew, how beneficial collagen peptides are for my health.

If you’ve been interested in collagen peptides, but haven’t tried them yet first read this post where I dive into the health benefits I have seen since using them. Then, read below to see five ways you can use collagen peptides in your every day routine.

Okay, no point for creativity, but many points for reality. As much as we’d all love to have a fancy schmancy drink everyday, when you’re on the go it’s just not realistic. On most days, I honestly get my collagen peptides in by drinking Vital Protein’s Classic Collagen straight up.

I will add one scoop of the unflavored Classic Collagen straight into this big jug twice a day.

The reason I wanted to state the obvious of drinking them straight up is because I have two tips in not tasting the ‘unflavored flavor’ of collagen peptides. Yes, while it is technically ‘unflavored’ there is definitely a ‘taste’ when you first start drinking them that eventually goes away [in my experience].

Tip 1: Dilute
I use a huge 32 ounce jug because the more water and ice in there, the less concentrated it is. This is like my Yeti tumbler, but at a fraction of the price.. $20!
Tip 2: Build up
Start off with 1/2 a scoop, twice a day and build yourself up to one entire scoop. After our move, when I reunited with my collagen peptides..dang – I tasted the flavor and I never used to! So I did this trick and now I’m back to not tasting anything.

I recently shared my favorite protein packed green smoothie HERE. You’ll notice that I put a whole scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in there.

On days I drink this, I replace one of my ‘straight up waters’. This is the easiest way to get in collagen peptides without even noticing, plus you are getting 9 extra grams of protein.

I’ve never been a soda or juice drinker. My sugar filled drink vice? Lemonade! The good thing is that it’s super easy to make an at home ‘healified’ lemonade quickly. I have three different combos:

-FULL VERSION: I’ll usually throw this together in a big glass pitcher for dinner or when friends come over. I fill the pitcher up 3/4 with water and 1/4 with ice. Then I squeeze in four lemons, a scoop or two of collagen peptides and if it’s for friends – I add in 5 drops of Stevia to make it less tart and more sweet.

-FAST VERSION: I just add a squeeze of a lemon into my water with Classic Collagen. Easy and yummy!

-BEAUTY WATER: I recently tried the Vital Protein Beauty Waters and WOW they are so yummy. My faovrite is the Lavender Lemon flavor. They have the bundle of all three on sale HERE for $66. You don’t taste anything but the flavors listed in these too, so they are a great option for collagen beginners or beauty water! After adding on scoop to my water, I’ll squeeze in half a lemon.

I throw one scoop into my two ingredient pancakes (I guess three if you include the collagen!). I just mash together two eggs for every one banana. You can totally add them to any pancakes or bake goods of your choosing.
5 ways to eat or drink vital proteins collagen peptides5.COFFEE OR TEA
I personally don’t prefer my collagen this way, but I think the majority of people I’ve talked to do! I find that the collagen becomes gooey which twists my stomach and I think the heat brings out a flavor, but that’s just my personal taste buds. Test it this way for yourself and it may be perfect for your tastebuds and routine!

Okay now tell me – have you tried collagen peptides yet? If you haven’t and are interested, take advantage of them on sale HERE for 32% off! Xo Mindy

PS – In case you’re reading this after the sale concludes, here are other retailers that sell Vital Proteins products

  1. Christine says:

    Just purchased my first Vital Proteins collagen peptides – i need help with sleep, wrinkles, Weight, just about EVERYTHING so i’m HOPING to see some results with this Product . What is the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the collagen PEPTIDES and the beauty water…i’m A little confused…

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for responding on InstasToRies…i do eat healthy, work out, do yoga, but because of my age (53), i have A lot of hormone related sleep and weight issues. Hopefully this will be the boost that i need.

    • Mindy says:

      HI christine! Im ACTUALLY just seeing your comment now 🙂 i had three eMails from people wIth Similar concerns! I hope that you enjoy your collagen and see some of the reaults your looking for. You cant go wrong sonce collagen isnt produced as Highly once we hit our 30’s . UsinG tHis supplement is a great idea.


  3. Frazier says:

    Awesome Tips. Thanks for share with us this information!

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