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Our Living Room Design

Our living room is almost ready for me to share with you! While I add the finishing touches, I wanted to share the room mood board for this space. Before purchasing items for any room, I create a mood board, like the image above, to pull all the pieces I enjoy together. This allows you to see the overall aesthetic and whether you need to swap in/out certain pieces to get the look you’re tryin to achieve.

Even before a room mood board is created, I suggest starting with the focal piece of that room. You know that one thing you absolutely know you want in the space? It likely sparked your inspiration for the room. Statement pieces could be something like a chandelier, emerald velvet couch or a vintage rug you just adore. Now you work with and around that piece while making decisions for all other aspects of the room. 

After I have the focal point/statement piece ironed out, I move on to designing the base of the room. Your base includes items that are here to stay and won’t be swapped out seasonally like a couch, TV console, wall colors, coffee table and more. Think of it as those larger investment pieces!

For our living room base, I’m focusing on soft grey and bright white colors in various textures. Creating a neural base of your room with pieces that are not going to be swapped out seasonally allow your room to be an open canvas. Then with accessories, like pillows and vases, you’re able to add in your pops of secondary color that can easily be switched up when you have a decorating bug, need a change or prefer to change with the seasons.

I also keep two other things on the top of my mind while creating a mood board.

One is to create a comfortable and organic “homey” feeling by making sure to incorporate wood textures, greenery (faux or real), and a mix of textures (think faux fur pillows, velvet couch and cotton blankets). These details bring warmth to a room.

Secondly, I keep in mind mixing metals on finishes. Whether you like the warmth of polished nickel, on-trend brass or classic black, having a mix of two throughout your home will allow for a cohesive style. In our home, I use brass and polished nickel. I adore the look of black! Relying on just one boxes you in creatively and will also, at times, appear a bit stale. You’ll want to create a healthy mix between each room to have both types of metal finishes in eye shot.

You’ll see that after our base, I carry rattan all throughout our home because I love the coastal, organic touch. On various ends of the room, I styled this chair, this ottoman and this side table. You could also do this with pieces in whitewashed oak or a darker brown wood. I suggest going base off whatever compliments the tone of your floors.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from our living room –

Neutral Rug: And it’s 20% off right now with code “SUMMERTIME”. This is one of the most complimented home pieces I’ve ever owned and due to the neutral colors, would likely look great in an array of homes and rooms! The quality is superb. We have had this rug for years and it still looks brand new. My blush office rug and blue kitchen runner are both included in the sale too! I’m eyeing this circle jute for our breakfast nook.. more on that at a later time!

Velvet Modular Sectional: If I custom made a couch, this would be it! The great news is that it’s only semi-custom, meaning you can select the material, color, etc. This blog post really shows how the right furniture can transform a space! You can shop our exact couch here and also a slightly smaller version here. If you have a girl bachelorette pad, how cute is the blush version? 

This velvet couch not only sits 6+ people (!!), but the cushions are also super deep and roomy. One of my favorite aspects! The pillows you see are removable and we often take them off and can lay side by side to each other while watching a movie. When the pillows are on, S and I can both lay fully out while watching TV with plenty of room for Muenster to have his entirely own cushion, haha! It’s so roomy!

The couch style, grey velvet material and the brass legs make it a modern, lush option for your living room. Below is our exact couch, plus a bunch of other shapes and color options – 

Rattan Accent Table: Easily my favorite piece in the room! I love placing fresh flowers on this side table and restyling it each week. It’s so fun to rearrange different coffee table books, vases and little decor items in this spot.

While my rattan side table is placed as a table leading from my living room to downstairs bathroom against this shiplap wall, it’d also be so cute placed in a dining room or kitchen and styled as a bar cart. This one is super cute too and much more ‘bar cart’ like. Here is a similar rattan table for $150!

Below are some more rattan accent tables – 

White floor lamp: Such a great basic to have on hand! I like that this floor lamp just compliments what is around it and doesn’t take away from them. It doesn’t have any “busy” features which makes it so great for a range of rooms and nooks. The base is marble which allows it to really stay put. Plus, it’s under $100.

Cane TV Console: This piece is one of my most asked about pieces on IG stories. And guess wha? It’s under $350 and so cute! I opted for white to keep the space bright, but it also comes in black and a dark wood stain as well.

What’s really nice is that you can hide away all your internet and cable hardware, but still access them with a remote without opening up the doors due to the cane cabinet door detailing. That makes this not only super cute and affordable piece, but also super functional!

Hayley Mitchell art: I have eyed this piece of artwork since I first saw it a year ago. I knew it’d be the perfect addition to this room to add in some secondary pop of color. It’s placed in a little reading nook with this accent chair and white floor lamp. 

Storage ottoman: We don’t use this piece as an ottoman and instead have it tucked next to our TV console in a nook under a window. Muenster loves perching up and using it to watch the trash guy every week, haha! I love how much this thing stores away. Our downstairs is open concept so storage is key. I can fit five blankets and some of Muenster’s large cat toys in here. This would be great at hiding kids toys in a stylish way, too!

You can shop all the details in our living room below. Also, here is our DIY shiplap wall post which is within our living room and here is our marble fireplace makeover. Thanks for stopping by! Xo Mindy


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