Coffee tables are one of my favorite areas to restyle in our home to give our living room a quick refresh. You can quickly pull decor from other ares of your house – like shelves, dressers, entry way – to give your coffee table a new feel. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared seven foundational steps for styling a balanced, chic and functional coffee table?

Today I’m building off that and sharing four different ways I style dour marble coffee table.

Also, here is a similar marble coffee table for under $200! And for coffee table decor, I frequently purchase from – HomeGoods, West Elm, AmazonTarget, Anthropologie, World Market, Terrain and McGee & Co.

4 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

1. Organic Elements

After layering coffee table books and a classic glass vase for the foundation, I topped off this coffee table with organic elements. Whether some wooden beads, fresh flowers, faux greenery or natural wood bowls, adding a touch of organic elements softens and relaxes your space.

I love these faux Hydrangeas and think that I’ll need them come fall since I’ve had fresh ones in our home all summer long!

2. Tray Organization

Think of these pieces on this table without the tray. It’s feel very cluttered right? One of the most simple ways to style a coffee table is to feature a tray because it creates a set of boundaries, especially for smaller decor items like bowls.

I love finding trays from HomeGoods! This marble tray was an engagement gift and I cannot suggest it enough! I’ve used it in so many places through our home. West Elm always has a great selection too.

3. Minimalistic

Just with most things in life, less is more.. especially when it comes to coffee tables! When all else fails, lean on the minimalist side to reduce a cluttery feeling and also to keep the table functional.

When doing so, I suggest reaching for mainly organic pieces, like wooden vases, olive stems, wooden beads and bowls. If your coffee table is made of neutral-finished wood, you have a bit more flexibility in styling items made of metal, marble and ceramic.

4. Mixing Metals

Mixing hardware metals within your home creates a cohesive feel. I suggest keeping the mix to two, although three can be achieved in a cohesive manner through a lot of planning. In our house you’ll find polished nickel and gold with the optimal mix of having a touch of both metals in each room.

If your living room is lacking the mix, add the missing metal through decor items on our coffee table! Our living room didn’t have many gold touches so I pulled them in with the items below which were both sourced from HomeGoods a few years ago.

I hope you enjoyed breaking down four ways to style a coffee table. Don’t miss these related blog posts too!


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