How to Transition Your Closet for Summer

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Each time the temperatures hit the approaching season, I swap out my closet. While it may sound like a daunting task, I actually find it fun! It’s a great way to remove items that no longer serve you and to check inventory of what clothing items you have and need.

If you are looking to have greater closet organization or help on adjusting your closet from winter to summer, keep reading!

Remove winter clothes
I prefer my closet to have clothes that fit and are in-season. Getting dressed is much more enjoyable when you can only reach for pieces that are flattering and can accommodate the current weather. If my closet was much larger, I’d likely just keep all my clothing in one spot with one two different areas designated to each season and not have to do a heavy swap out. If your closet is the size of mine or smaller though, it’s a great idea to exchange warm weather and cold weather clothes for the current season. Getting dressed is then an enjoyable experience each day rather than annoyingly digging around things that don’t currently serve you. It’s like shopping your own closet each day!

For storing your off-season clothes, consider the conditions. Ideally, a spare closet in your house is best, but you may not have that option. I store my off-season clothing in plastic bins in our basement. Our house is a new build so our basement is clean and doesn’t have insect intruders for me to worry about. It is also not damp and it often 40-50 degrees year round so I don’t need to worry about mold, but I’d consider that for your specific home. I’d avoid attics unless you air tight compress because the temperatures are more drastic and very humid which can cause mold.

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Collect empty hangers
Now that you have your winter clothes removed from your closet, you’ll have some empty hangers to replace with summer clothes. I use these velvet hangers because they keep slippery materials from falling and don’t damage stretchy or delicate clothes. You know those shoulder divots that other hangers cause? These won’t cause those.

Tip: to keep your closet in tip top shape on and ongoing basis, always remove empty hangers and store them in all in a certain section of your closet. This will make putting away clean clothes fast, but also keeps your closet from appearing disheveled. 

Stack hats inside one another
Summer hats can easily be stacked within one another for added space. You can also place them on the top of your sweatshirt or sweater stacks since they are easy to move and won’t get damaged.

Use Pant Hangers for Storing Maxi Dresses and Skirts
I use these velvet pant hangers for most dresses and just wrap the base around the second layer to avoid stretching out the shoulders. I also suggest these for hanging skirt and maxi dresses that have very delicate straps.

I hope these tips help you while transitioning your closet from winter to summer. Here are other home organizational posts –


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