second trimester

The picture above is from 25 weeks. I have really been loving this Target maternity tee because it is smoothing, cooling and silky. I am wearing a small which was my pre-pregnancy Target size.
Here are my favorite maternity leggings (and favorite ones pre maternity here). For the maternity leggings sizing, I own both a small and medium. I prefer the small (a size down from non maternity/pre pregnancy size) as I find they are my preferred fit.
Here is my headband, my crossbody bag, Mama’s necklace from my boys for Mother’s Day and my little hoops. My shoes and denim jacket are both old.

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Progress: 25 weeks, 5 days

Size: As of last week at our maternal fetal medicine doctor, Baby was 1 pound 10 ounces. His little Budha belly is 10 centimeters big and his head is 7 cm!

Sickness: Just indigestion, but I’ve cleared out any acidic foods so that I can do my bes tot avoid getting it. OMG it’s so uncomfortable. This started like two weeks ago and I cut out coffee, pineapples, tomatoes, anything red sauce.. anything acidic. I also try to not lay down after eating because that can be a trigger as well. I have felt so much better!

Aversions: They are all gone really! Other than chicken nuggets. I cannot even think about them.. lol.

Cravings: I eat how I did pre-pregnancy and haven’t really had any cravings. I had way more cravings on my IUD years ago when I made the mistake to go one. Honestly most the time I don’t feel like eating anything! I’ll be hungry, but literally nothing sounds great. Not that I have aversions, but I just don’t feel like anything in particular.

That said, I love lemonade and, while I try to limit myself due to sugar, it’s certainly the treat I always want!

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Movement: My little boy is active each day and it’s the best feeling! S still hasn’t been able to feel movement on the outside and my placenta is on the front so we aren’t sure if Baby will ever be strong enough to have that occur, but I feel him inside alllll the time.

We learned last week that he actually flipped to be heads down. So I feel him swooshing around and he pokes around with, what I’d assume are, his hands a lot. Last night before bed I felt his feet up high for the first time! I think I felt two big kicks coming towards my ribs.

Physical Changes: My belly is still growing like a weed because this little guy is. I need my pregnancy pillow to sleep or lay down outside or on the couch. My belly literally like breaks my back if I don’t use it and it’s unbearable. I highly suggest it if you’re pregnant! It’s been my #1 pregnancy product that I use every single day and I like that it’s portable to go outside and doesn’t take up the entire bed.

As of like three weeks ago – my feet! My feet have always been super bony and they are so full of blood and water that they don’t even look like my feet 😛 It’s so funny how swollen they are. The heat doesn’t help either I’d guess.

My feet over the past week has started really aching too. I wake up and they are still aching from the day before. I wear sneakers anytime we leave the house, but I think I need to get slides to wear inside the house for support too. They don’t like the added weight apparently!

My chest has been growing a bit so I needed new bras. I found this brand and OMGGG if you need a new bra, try these out! I have the scoop and just ordered the v neck. Due to pregnancy, I went up tp a large, but would say they likely run true to size if you’re not pregnant. They are sooo silky, cooling and just plain comfortable. I will 100% be wearing this brand post-pregnancy and am hoping they are including in the NSale this year.

I’ve been asked about nursing bras, and since I have never nursed ,I cannot recommend any. I hate wearing bras so I think I’ll just try to make my regular ones work and pull them down, but I’ll figure that out when he is here and I’m on maternity leave.

Oh and my belly button is now an outtie… the change is so funny. My belly button was basically flat and non existent and then all of a sudden we saw it starting to poke out little and by the next day.. it was an outtie haha!

Complications: We learned last Thursday at our monthly high risk doctor appointment that both complications have subsided!!!!! Since one hadn’t improved at all and the other only slightly as out appointment prior, I did not get my hopes up that there would be any change, but wow! Both are gone 🙂 So we are no longer high risk (!!!!).

I feel so much better and this looming anxiety I had about them/Baby has gone away. Now for a relaxing third trimester I hope 🙂

second trimester

Exercise: Finding out that both complications had subsided and Baby was still all healthy was the BEST day and I’ve greatly enjoyed going back to my normal work out routine!!

I’ve been doing 45 minute spin rides on the Peloton. I’ve mainly been riding with Cody since Robin is on maternity leave and he just lights up my day with sunshine because he’s hilarious. I’ve doing weights and (depending on my feet) I’m hoping to try to get some jogs in. We are getting the Peloton Tread this month so at least I can attempt running in my own house rather than outside (altho I miss it so much and can’t wait to be back on the pavement!).

While I exercised my whole pregnancy so far, it was really challenging for me mentally to do so with my complications over the past three months because the work outs were so super low intensity and most of the time I felt as though I got 0 endorphins from them. They often were hard physically too since one of the complications brought on pain. If you’re going through complications, try to take them day by day and know that, if you follow the doctors orders, it will hopefully pay off! <3 And no matter what.. the rest you’re on will be worth it to keep you and your little babe safe.

Most Excited about Next: In one of my first posts, I mentioned that we were so excited to hit week 24 because that means Baby would have a chance if something made labor come super early. That may sound weird, but after the complications and scares we had at the ER (someday I may share.. it was very traumatic for us both).. we needed a goal line to focus on that brought hope of us meeting this little boy. It’s crazy how much you love someone when you haven’t even met them yet! So anyways, we are so relieved that we have crossed this milestone and I’m excited to keep him baking for as long as him and chunking him up for as long as I can!

Our babymoon! We are headed to The White Elephant on Nantucket and we are both so excited for some sunshine and relaxation. We booked my favorite restaurant – Club Car – and a bunch of new ones to try. Club Car has THE BEST chips and guac ever and cocktails so I cannot wait to try out some mock-tails there. The White Elephant is a few blocks over from downtown and on the water so it’ll be quiet and relaxing for us. And I cannot wait to collect seashells again. The sea shells on Nantucket are so pretty and I can’t ever find full ones that aren’t broken anywhere else we visit in New England.

Our maternity photos next month. SO excited!! More on that below..

His glider. We ordered this back in like.. January? And it keeps getting delayed so I really hope that stops and we get it soon. I just want to sit in his nursery and rock him in my belly! Here are all the details on his nursery so far. I’m grabbing this wallpaper, this crib skirt and maybe these baskets next weekend when Serena & Lily have their annual Memorial Day Sale.

My baby shower! I cannot wait to shower this little Baby with our loved ones in a few weeks. My in laws will be in town which I’m so excited for. I cannot wait to see all our friends and family because with COVID, we haven’t seen many of them the past year.

And honestly.. just meeting him. I cannot wait for him to be lying on my chest sleeping away on his mama. I love this little boy so much and cannot wait to see us become a family of four.. seeing S become a dad and Muenster a big brother! With his due date being end of summer, it sounds so far away, but it’s really not that far and summer will fly per usual.

Least Excited about Next: Just hot weather. I guess?.. I love being outside and summer weather, so I don’t want to be stuck inside with the central air all the time This worry has mainly come from other people that have had pregnancy during the summer so I’m just not thinking about it too much and will take it day by day.

Sadly my dress and flops are sold out, but here is my headband and handbag.

What We’ve Tackled –

Maternity and Newborn Photos: I totally forgot in my last update to note this. We booked our maternity, newborn and first family photos with The Libby Photo and Films. The owner, Amanda, shot our engagement photos and she is so talented. Her photography style and aesthetic is so beautiful! If you live in New England I cannot suggest her enough. Her husband is her partner who does stunning video packages as well!

Organization: His sweet daddy organized all of his clothes in his bureau with these drawer organizers after I washed them. We grabbed these from The Container Store because I liked that they can grow with him and we aren’t sucked down to the typical newborn cloth bins that go inside drawers that he’ll grow out of.

Birthing and Baby Classes: We are still working out way through TinyHood classes. They are really great! I’ll be honest.. the birth, C-section and postpartum classes made me super light headed and scared. BUT I am trying to just prepare based off this education and know that my body was made to do this 🙂

Thank you for following along on this exciting chapter with us! And thank you big time to all of you that prayed through our complications and also share personal stories of how both of your same complications subsided. They really helped keep me positive. Xo Mindy

  1. Gentry Adams says:

    Mindy I’m so happy for you guys! I’m a FTM to an 11 week old and can’t even begin to explain the love you will feel for this baby 🙂 one small tip- you may want to consider nursing bras (I got mine on amazon!) it’s REALLY hard to nurse in a regular bra and they truly do make it so much easier! Plus they are super comfy w no underwire! 🙂

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