Ever since we moved into our first house, I’ve been dreaming up the day that one of our spare bedrooms become our little baby’s nursery! After some thought, we have decided to keep my office as is since I work from home (even pre and post COVID) and turn our guest room into the nursery. Eventually, if we decide to stay in this house for the long run, we will finish part of our basement for a larger guest space, but for now we will get by and make the office a comfy space for guests when they visit.

For the nursery design, we are keeping all the investment pieces neutral in order to use them with each. child. With so much neutral going on, I really wanted to find a direction of a little ‘something’ to tie the room together that wasn’t “too baby”, but also soft and comforting. I decided to add in touches of old school Pooh which has turned out so cute!

baby nursery design

Crib: While our crib is sadly sold out, here is a much more affordable version that delivers a very similar look (the wheels come off!). Here is a crib by the same company as well that we debated between and has a pretty cane detail.

We actually have had the crib sitting in our basement for over a year before we even found out we were pregnant. I worked with the brand on my blog and had a giftcard provided as my payment and opted for this crib since it was so beautiful and I knew someday we’d be lucky enough to finally use it! We set this up in the baby’s room a couple days after finding out we were pregnant because I was just so excited and starred at this huge box in our basement for so long!

We also have this waterproof, 100% breathable organic mattress so that if Baby gets on his belly, he will be safe. We have this sheets set from the same company and a couple of these Pooh crib sheets too.

Glider: We went with the Pottery Barn Merced Glider in performance white performance slub cotton. I debated between the performance slub cotton and Sunbrella material, but after reading reviews they seemed to perform pretty similar and ours was a couple hundred less.

I can’t wait for it to come in and rock this baby in my belly! We ordered it in January and it’s been backordered now through July eek. I had heard, even pre-COVID times, that gliders took forever to come in so S certainly though I was nuts when I suggested we order the glider seven months before Baby was due, but now he’s glad!

Lighting: Over Memorial Day Weekend, I grabbed this flush mount light for his nursery. I love how soft and pretty it is!

Ottoman: I also grabbed this pretty ottoman during Serena & Lily’s recent sale. I preferred this option over the matching ottoman to our Pottery Barn Merced Glider since it’ll be more versatile post-nursery in our home.

I looked for more affordable options, but they always had mixed reviews, didn’t come stuffed and were still a pretty penny so I just went the safe route. I also like how the leather adds in another texture to the room.

Bureau: We skipped on the changing table and opted for a bureau where we will have a changing pad on the top. We kept this piece of furniture simple and classic so that it can grow with him or his future sibling. While he has a closet, I see us mainly using the bureau for his first year of life so I liked the size of this one.

I am using two of these acrylic diaper bins to store diapers, diaper cream and wipes on the top next to his wipe warmer and changing pad. The bins just came in yesterday and I filled one totally up with diapers and left the other for the other items. They fit great! I’m glad we went with the bureau size we did so that all of those items can fit right on top for easy access.

Mirror: We had this mirror within this room before it was the nursery and decided it was perfect for a little boy’s room. We flipped it horizontal and placed it above his bureau. We have the largest size mirror, but it also comes in a smaller option which would be cute for a powder room.

Curtains: While I have these ones pictured, I am pivoting to something else because I’ve had feedback that black out curtains are a necessity. That said, these curtains are so pretty so if they’d be a great option if you’re in need of some for a different room.

I may grab these curtains since we have them within our master and they block all light. You don’t even need to buy the ‘black out’ option. The ‘cotton lining’ option are 100% black out. I’m going to grab the same curtain rods we use in our dining room, but nickel instead of gold.

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Rug: I landed on this one. While it does have wool in it, I think that will be fine. I debated on this one as well, but since it was double the price and promo codes would’t work on it and I liked both equally, I figured we’d give this one a shot first. Our carpets upstairs are a cool grey which often just look like a straight up soft blue so I think with option would tie in well.

Hamper: I haven’t purchased this hamper yet because I’m waiting for the other furniture to get settled in the room to know if this will fit somewhere. I think it would tie in well to the teak mirror.

Bookshelves: Since we don’t have space for a traditional book shelf, we added two of these acrylic shelves onto his wall. It came out super cute! I compared more affordable options from Amazon, but they weren’t the size we needed. Here is one in case it’s a size that works for you!


  • How adorable is this ‘baby is sleeping’ pillow? I thought it was adorable and grabbed it for $24.
  • Here is the Pooh mobile, Pooh sheets, Pooh quilt, and Pooh bear I had grabbed to add in soft touches to his room. I am going to likely add these above his crib as well, but know that Etsy has the exact ones for way cheaper!
  • We have this affordable faux fig tree in the corner to add in a pop of greenery. I just need to find a base for it at HomeGoods and cover it with moss.
  • We organized a bunch of his burp cloths, bibs, mittens, rattles and more within this over the door organizer. We have used this in so many rooms of our home like my cloffice, our bathrooms and the pantry. Cannot suggest it enough! A low cost way to get storage out of an area that would have been dead space.
  • We also organized all his clothes in his bureau with these acrylic separators. I figured we’d get more extended use out of these compared to the linen basket organizers a lot of people use for newborn-specific clothes. They ended up working out perfectly! I’ll do a whole blog post on what I’ve done to organize his room.

I cannot wait to see the room come together as each item arrives. I have a few lingering items like ordering the curtains, curtain rod and hamper, but the chunk of everything is either in or on it’s way!! I cannot believe next week I’ll be in my third trimester and only three months away from rocking my little babe in his nursery. Eeep! Xo Mindy

  1. Ashley Nescio says:

    So sweet! Love the touches of classic Pooh. That was the theme for my baby shower and I absolutely love it!

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