5 Ways I’ve Organized Baby’s Nursery

Although this is my first baby and these methods may change once he is here, I’ve worked on organizing his nursery in small ways in order to keep some sanity for myself. There are a lot of baby “things” and I feel best in an organized house. I also want to make it as easy as I can for my husband since I’ve been the one mainly driving what we are purchasing or placing on our registry, he wont be as familiar with the products once Baby is here so this will help both him and myself in that department! These are all pretty cost effective and easy to pump out in a weekend.

I’m avoiding any major overhauls of his closet organization or purchasing any toy storage type things for awhile because I want to live in the space with him to understand what is really needed. For now, I knew that the below were all needed and were low lifts and low cost.

I hope the below helps you draw inspiration of organizing your little one’s nursery. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips as well!

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5 Ways I’ve Organized Baby’s Nursery

1. Elfa over the door rack for LOTs of storage.

One of the most purchased items by readers is this organizational piece. It’s no wonder why – I use it in almost every room of our home, like my cloffice, our kitchen pantry and our bathrooms, to optimize storage space that would otherwise go to waste! I like how it has a “home” look to it rather than “industrial/garage” type style that a lot of other stores have for products like this.

I knew I wanted to add on the Elfa over the door rack to store items that we need quick access too like his burp cloths, mittens, pacifiers, swaddles and more. Within a few of the baskets, I added in small acrylic containers I found in store at The Container Store that fit perfectly to hold small items like pacifiers, mittens and more.

I suggest using the mesh basket option for rooms since they look a bit more cleaned up and the utility basket option for kitchens and pantries since you can see better within them.

*The inside of his closet is not yet organized 🙂

2. Open canvas bins inside his closet for toys.

I grabbed these to line the top of his closet shelf for items that have been gifted that are too large for him in the near future or toys. I like that they are a reasonable price, neutral and hides items.. meaning they aren’t acrylic so the closet seems a tad more organized.

You can see these in the first photo of the blog post inside his closet on the top rack 🙂

These lined bins are very pretty if you’re looking to place them directly within the nursery on display. I also love these bins with little polka dots for a girl’s nursery or these acrylic bins that I use all throughout my house (cloffice, pantry) if you want to be able to clearly see everything within.

If you need larger bins, I love these from Target. I’ve had them for years within my own closet for years and they hold up well especially for the $11 price point. They would be great on the floor of a closet since they are large.

3. Diapering storage containers for on top of his bureau.

Luckily our bureau for him has a lot of top real estate so it fits our changing pad, wipe warmer, monitor and two of these diaper storage containers. I stuffed one with all diapers and filled the other with his hygiene products.

4. Mounted bookshelves for his reading nook. Books accumulate fast when you have a baby! We have so many already that I can’t wait to read to him once he’s here. We opted for two of these acrylic mounted book shelves and really like them. I compared them to other alternatives on Amazon, but the size of were most ideal for our wall.

5. Drawer dividers for his bureau drawers. Most infant drawer organizers are cloth bins which I knew would be too restrictive and only be useful for a short period. Instead, I opted for these acrylic drawer dividers. They aren’t baby-specific so they work for any bureau or drawer and will grow with him as his clothes get bigger and we need less per drawer.

I hope this blog post on our simple nursery organization was helpful while you plan for your little one’s arrival! Below are the pieces included in this blog post plus other nursery pieces we have purchased! Xo Mindy


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