third trimester35 weeks wearing these pajamas. I went up one size from my pre-pregnancy size. If not pregnant, grab your normal size. They are super light and cooling!

Checking in for what may be my last bumpdate (!!!!). I cannot believe it. I am so excited to meet this little baby and start our new chapter as a family. At this point, we feel as ready as we ever will be! I have my maternity plan finalized at work, S has completed busy season, the nursery is done and we have both car seats installed, etc. I’m now just searching for projects to do in all honesty to pass the time.

Although Baby’s due date is in two weeks, he’s full term so every day we wake up wondering if today is the day. I had some cramping and nausea week 37 so we checked on Baby and he’s healthy and happy as a clam where he is. I had hopes that it was the start of labor honestly 😛 (since he is full term). I’ve always been scared of labor, but now I understand why that subsides. You are so ready to met your baby and also over being this pregnant! I’d definitely say I’ve been surviving, not thriving since week 35 lol. My doctor noted that the last four weeks of pregnancy brings a lot of swelling which is kicking into high gear all through me entire legs and feet.

third trimester37 weeks! My bra is sold out, but it’s the “Work It Out” bra from Beyond Yoga. Their products are so soft and comfy! Here are my maternity leggings shown and by them too. I am wearing a small and suggest sizing down as their leggings run large. 

Baby has been heads down since before week 24 which I’m so thankful for. One less thing to stress about when leading up to labor. He has been living up my right side since then. He has his torso, booty and back all up my right side and his little hands and feet on my left. Last week he flipped his body to the left which didn’t last long because this week we confirmed that he has returned to the right. I went nine month with no stretch marks and now I have some on the lower right of my belly because he is growing like a weed! That is where is is most comfy! Within the last month, he has put on four pounds.. so almost doubled in size. Although it’s hard to see stretch marks appear, I know it’s just genetics, he’s growing at a healthy rate and nothing I can do. His positioning is cute because I feel him wiggle his torso on my right and then his feet and hands on my left. I can’t believe a few months ago his movements felt like like bubbles and now my entire stomach shifts every other hour with him wiggling in there. I’m just so thankful for my healthy, wiggly little boy!

Postpartum Products

At the beginning of my third trimester, I put together two postpartum baskets for both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. Those care products are listed above. I mainly stayed with products from this brand because they seemed much more useful than the other options that were a bit laggard (ex: witchhazel pad strips that are long rectangles compared to circles that don’t seem to make any sense). I have read that you only put products that are waste down within these baskets in order to stay hygienic and safe so no breast care, medications etc. are to be in them. I’ll put together a blog post because the items included are approved by this community of experienced mommas!

third trimesterWeek 32! Dress is old, but here is my mama necklace that S got me for Mother’s Day and here is my headband!

I also grabbed these $20 pj button up dresses in one size up for the hospital and postpartum and bought this cropped set for around the house with baby. I just feel better in matching PJs and am not sure how my pre-pregnancy clothes will fit when we first return home so I wanted to grab some cheap, but super comfy options that I know will work. I heard to stick to black so I did that and leopard. I have been living in them the last couple weeks since one size up from my pre-pregnancy size fits with this huge 38 week bump 😛 The material is super light, soft and cooling.

For the last month of pregnancy, I’ve been focusing on a two mile walk every day with S since walking can help move Baby down. It’s crazy that this time last year I was running 10 miles and now a two mile walk makes me feel like I ran 10 miles 😛 I am so excited to get running again though.. not having that has been the hardest part of pregnancy for me. That said, I’m so thankful to even be able to walk right now.. especially in the 90*+ humid August weather 😛

For our final baby items, I decided on this diaper bag with this changing set. I wanted to find something that I’d carry even if it weren’t a diaper bag which was hard to find until this brand. Out of all fashion, hand bags are “my thing” so I searched for months and finally found something that is functional and my style. It reminded me of this popular brand that I almost registered for before finding the one I landed on. Not only is it chic, it has all the “diaper bag” needs like a cooler pocket for milk, bottle compartments inside, etc. I grabbed the black/gold version, but it also comes in grey, black/gunmetal cognac and more. I love that you can wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag and that it’s neutral so S won’t feel odd carrying it at times.

That said, S had his own shower basically from his boss and coworkers. It was the most generous and thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for us. They basically cleared our our baby registry, stocked us up on diapers and wipes and dozens and dozens of other products I never thought of that, as experienced parents, they knew would come in handy. I feel like his boss came into our nursery and found all the items we were missing! One of the items was this men’s Columbia backpack diaper bag filled up with all the items he will need like wet ones, toy clips hand sanitier, changing pad, wipes, etc. So adorable and thoughtful!

We also had our infant car seat delivered, the stroller (went all black) came in and the Owlet. Those were the last few items to come in! Here is big brother Muenster breaking in the Uppababy –

uppababy stroller

Other than that, S has been golfing or at the shooting range each Saturday and I have been treating myself to pedicures with girlfriends and facials lol. And we are trying new restaurants for date nights each weekend!

Our hospital bags are packed and we are ready to go once Baby Servello is!

If you missed them, here are my other motherhood blog posts –

Progress: 38 weeks

Size: My belly is 37″ which my doctor says is right in the middle of where it should be. According to the apps, Baby is over 7 pounds, 20″ and the size of a … pumpkin! OMG. Baby is in the 54th percentile, but I wonder if he is bigger because of some Thompson genes. My dad and his three brothers are all 6’4″ so we will see if he’s a bigger guy than they are projecting soon. I’m sure everyone carrying a baby feels like they are big though. It’s a lot of weight to carry!

third trimester leopard skirt37 weeks headed to date night! Swollen and just surviving at this point 😛 My outfit is old., but here are my earrings and here is my handbag.

Sickness: Indigestion.. still. Pepcid and I are best friends. Since we are nearing the finish line I cannot wait to eat and drink again without this issue or avoiding so many foods! I don’t remember what life was like without avoiding all spices, citrus, fats, etc.

Cravings: Every single bumpdate I have said.. no cravings! Now I want sweets 😛 Watermelon, nectarines, slushies, ice cream, cake.. you name it haha!

Movement: He’s my little wiggle worm. I know when he’s napping and when he’s awake, that’s for sure!

Physical Changes: Talked to most of this above, but lots of swelling and my bump continues to defy gravity and grow straight out 😛

third trimester35.5 weeks! Non maternity leggings by Beyond Yoga that still fit with the front rolled under the belly. 

Exercise: I was able to get back on the Peloton for part of the third trimester, but now I feel safest with my daily two mile walks.

Most Excited about Next – Meeting him!!! Also having him meet our parents. They are all so excited!

Thank you for all your support through this chapter. I cannot wait to share our little babe with you soon! Xo Mindy


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