31 week bumpdateI felt so beautiful in this dress for my baby shower! Here is the brand it is by. For accessories, I added my wedding earrings and bracelet and this watch S gifted me for my 30th birthday.

Only 2.5 months until Baby is here! We are so excited and can’t believe that we’ll be bringing home a baby next month!!!

Last weekend I had my baby shower which was so beautiful. It was so nice to have our best friends and family all together showering this little miracle baby, especially after the last year. While parts of the day were very hard because they were reminders that my best friend is no longer here, I know she was watching over us and our baby has a guardian angel protecting him. My dad surprised me with the diaper cake she made with her mom for Baby that has classic Winnie the Pooh accents to match his nursery and bath supplies. It’s the cutest and most thoughtful thing and breaks my heart that she isn’t going to be able to be the Aunt she had wanted to be for so long. I have it displayed in Baby’s nursery which, although makes me so sad, also makes me feel like a part of her is here with us.

This week was also the last week of my MBA classes until Baby arrives! YEEEEEE! I was going to take another this summer, but it was a lot of group work and I was worried, since it ended the week before he is due, that is he comes early I’d be screwing my team members. Also I’m so freaking tired all the time and I need to focus any spare time on prepping my team for my maternity leave so I’m giving myself grace and a pause from school until October!

Below I’m sharing a little 31 week bumpdate. I’ve learned that a lot about pregnancy changes from second to third trimester, but I want to live in the moment and appreciate this chapter with my Baby even through all the aches and indigestion ๐Ÿ˜›

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Progress: 31 weeks, 4 days

Size: My doctor said he is right on track since my belly is 30″ at this point. According to the apps, he is around 16.1 inches and over 3 pounds!

Sickness: Just indigestion still. It’s gotten a bit better sine I avoid big triggers like acidic, fried or fatty foods, but my OB said it’s more from the pressure being put on my belly and that the valve thing that keeps stomach acid down is relaxed. I’ve started taking Pepcid which has helped so talk to your doctor if you are struggling with this! I wish I had told them sooner because Pepcid has been really helpful.

Cravings:ย Same as usual.. no cravings! If anything I don’t feel like anything in particular and just eat how I did pre-pregnancy. On the topic of food, I tried this protein powder that has choline in it for Baby and it’s really good! There is no sugar, has great taste and 20g of protein.

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Movement: OMG! Once 30 weeks hit he is a wiggle worm. I feel him a bit in the morning when we wake up together and then all afternoon when he’s most active. With each week, he grows stronger and more active. I never want to forget the feeling of him wiggling or S’ hand on my belly feeling him! I can’t decide if he just sleeps all night or, since I’m a super heavy sleeper, his movements just don’t want me at night. S thinks it’s the second because I sleep like a rock.

Physical Changes:ย Lots of swelling! My hands swell at night and my feet have been swollen for months at this point, but my doctor says both are normal. My body has been slowing down and daily naps are needed again just like in the first trimester ๐Ÿ˜›

The belly is in full force and I joke that I have no idea how it’s going to keep growing the next couple months. It’s getting hard to dress at this point! At home I just live in PJs ๐Ÿ˜› Maxi dresses/skirts are what I fit in and feel most comfortable in for outside the house.

I have a couple stretch marks on my hips, but I’m not worried about them. I have lotioned so much that it is just genetics and what my body needs to right now to grow this little baby.

Exercise: I cannot even sit on our Peloton anymore! His head is so low that it is so uncomfortable and doesn’t feel safe. The two times I powered through the discomfort, I wound up in bed resting the rest of the day so that is a no go for me until I am cleared postpartum at this point. I have been focusing on being proud of myself for what I can do which is Peloton strength classes. On days I don’t do that, we go for walks. I cannot believe this time last year I was running 10 miles like nothing and now a half mile walk wipes me out, but tis the season of pregnancy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Most Excited about Next –

His hospital outfits to come in. I have ordered his announcement outfit and a cute set for when we leave the hospital.

Getting the infant car seat and stroller. The only things we have left to grab is really these two items. We are going to grab the Doona car seat this month and the Uppbaby Vista stroller likely during the Nsale this month.

Our maternity photos that we shot these at 29 weeks with our engagement photographer. I can’t wait to get them back!! We have seen the proofs and I cannot wait to frame the final edited photos in our home to remember this chapter with S and out sweet little babe!

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His nursery to be complete! Okay I have curtains and artwork above his crib left. This is the fastest I’ve never decorated a room. Phew! Once I have those in, I’ll photograph and share the space. We showed it to both grandparents and my grampy last weekend which was so fun!

His leather ottoman, rug, diaper bins, and glider all came in since the last bumpdate. Oh and his light! S installed it this week and it’s so pretty. I placed two of these diaper bins on his bureau where one stores diapers and one stores ointments, lotion etc.

His nursery is my favorite room in the house and now that his glider is in, I love rocking him each night. If you are in the market for a glider, the one we purchased is so comfortable. S jokes that he wants one in every room ๐Ÿ˜› We went with the performance material in”Slub Cotton White”. We ordered it in January and it was delivered end of June so keep that in mind!

Packing our hospital bag. This probably sounds silly, but it makes it feel really real now that I have a collection of items to put into our bag! S and I are both planners so we will pack our bags over the net week. I’ll be sharing a blog post of what I’m bringing based off family, friends and your suggestions.

I was gifted this big pouch from a brand that I’ve started placing all my medical needs in and it’s super roomy. I’m getting a blue one with Baby’s name made for his items.

Least Excited about Next –

Not much.. just more swelling. No biggie because he is all healthy, but that is the only minor thing I could think of. Oh and Braxton Hicks.. I experienced that at 29 weeks 6 days. S and I were in a panic figuring out what was going on and how to relieve it lol

Thank you for following along on this exciting chapter with us! He will be here before I know it!! Xo Mindy


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